Avixity committed to offering 360 digital services that create identities, build brands, drive interactions and get results. Bytes by bytes. Pixel by pixel.


Avixity in-house photographers, experienced in all aspects of commercial imagery allow us to provide stunning images for clients like you to stand out from your competitors. Our video production team produce powerful content tailored to your budget and deadline. Our digital marketing team then turn high quality imagery and video into impressive focal point to catch the eye of potential new customers.

  • Product and service photography
  • Model photography
  • Storyboard
  • Video filming
  • Post production

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At Avixity, design is scientific creativity. Our design goal is simple, to keep people engaged. By applying behavioral science to customer experience, we design engaging visual to help companies to solve complex problem. Working with startups, we’ve helped innovation teams like yours to launch significant amount of products in the last few years. 

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Social media is a golden opportunity for brands to engage with prospective customers, engage with those who will shout about your brand and it’s now an important factor in ranking well in search.

We craft content specifically for your target audience and influencers in your industry to put your brand in front of the market. We will also provide you with social post schedules which will helps bringing traffic to your website to unprecedented heights.

We will provide comprehensive monthly reports detailing how your social media profiles are having positive impact on your business, ensuring it’s hits key targets set out.

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Investing your marketing dollar on the internet world allows you to track your return-on-investment (ROI) precisely. Avixity employ the latest digital advertising technology to remove your hassle on managing the media buying process and opened up huge potential for delivering cost-effective, multi-channel, precision-targeted advertising campaigns.

We work very closely with the advertising networks like Google and Facebook, which means we can now target and retarget relevant audiences based on their browsing behavior, interests, demographics, location or even social actions and connections.

Our team create tailored content to target audiences at a granular level, with new interactive and content-rich formats improving engagement and click-through rates, leading to increased return on ads spend (ROAS).

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