Social Media Management

Social media management serves as one of the most important components of the overall marketing strategy for a business. You can have great marketing activities on your social media, if first you’ve built a well-branded channel. Your channel is where you build your community and is a priceless digital value for a company of any size, a value that stays with you forever. 

At Avixity, we provide services such as Facebook page management, Twitter profile management, LinkedIn management, Weibo management, Instagram profile management and WeChat account management.  

Facebook Page Management

Our team at Avixity helps creating stunning creative content and copy writing to create a compelling brand experience.

Twitter Profile Management

As the king of real-time engagement, a well managed Twitter account sends traffic directly to boost your brand awareness.

LinkedIn Account Management

Linkedin is one of the largest professional networks, with over 500 million users. We help clients to build professional connections and drive traffic to your website by sharing engaging content.

Instagram Management

Avixity helps businesses to grow followers, build strong connections through engagement, and increase website traffic with Instagram.

WeChat Account Management

WeChat official account is a great way for a company to generate brand awareness. We help brands define their communication objectives and always keep high quality with creative content.

Weibo Management

With its number daily active users reaching 200 million in 2018, Weibo offers an enormous reach for businesses.